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About Harriet Bishop

Serving students in kindergarten through grade 5, the Harriet Bishop Gifted & Talented magnet program is a hybrid that includes schoolwide enrichment for all students, as well as targeted and leveled instruction within the school day for students who are identified as gifted.
The school provides both within-school and outside of school opportunities for highly-gifted students to soar to great heights. The curriculum is differentiated to provide rigor, depth and complexity. The school is engaging and challenging with high expectations for all students, and it fosters an environment of respect along with cultural understanding.
With a focus on the whole child, citizenship, stewardship, academic and physical excellence are emphasized.

Why choose Harriet Bishop ...

At Harriet Bishop, teachers are trained to ensure students are engaged in ways that best allow them to succeed. In addition, students have unique opportunities to explore their interests.
Unique Learning Opportunities
  • Accelerated Schoolwide Mathematics with students flexibly grouped based on their needs.
  • Schoolwide Enrichment Model Reading Framework
  • Focused learning opportunities engage students on specific topics of interest to them.
  • String instrument instruction, video production, choir and band, running club, Math Masters, Odyssey of the Mind, environmental club, and more.
Unique School Features
The school’s pods of classrooms, called communities, allow for unique learning opportunities such as:
  • Students connect across grades levels which promotes a strong sense of teamwork and community.
  • Continuous learning allows students to move ahead at their own paces.