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Volunteer at Neill

Our volunteers are very valuable to us and we appreciate you taking the time to help our students and staff this year.

Please fill out the volunteer interest form and turn it in with your child's teacher or to the Neill office and I will contact you regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities.

I look forward to meeting you!

Julie Otto
Academic Volunteer Coordinator


Volunteer Information

/Visitor Stickers
For security reasons, all volunteers must sign in at the office and wear a visitor sticker when in the building during school hours. This allows the school to monitor visitors. Persons without stickers will be asked to return to the office to obtain one. Signing in also allows us to know who is volunteering so that Neill School volunteer hours get tracked through the district properly and so we can make sure you are thanked for your services. If volunteering before or after school events, please see the volunteer coordinator to sign in and get a name badge.

Volunteering Time
We have many opportunities that range in requirements from needing to be at the school on a regular basis to helping out a couple hours a month from home. We have tasks that can be done while watching TV and others that can be a once a year hour and a half commitment. So please help us make Neill Student’s learning and growing experience the best we can make it. Call a volunteer coordinator today to find out how you can help.

If you have discipline problems with a child, notify a school staff member. Let the staff handle the discipline issue.

Child Information
Please consider all information about student’s achievements and progress as confidential. Respect the child’s right to privacy.

Volunteer Commitment
Treat your volunteer commitment as you would a job. If you cannot make it, please find a replacement or let the coordinator know in advance that you are unable to fill your commitment.

Federal Tax Deductions for Volunteers
A number of tax benefits are available for volunteers under the general charitable contribution deduction of the Internal Revenue code. Volunteers may deduct un-reimbursed expenditures made incident to rendition of services to a qualifying organization such as a school district.

The following are representative types of expenditures that may be deducted.

  • Automobile mileage
  • Bus and cab transportation expenses
  • Parking tolls
  • Special uniforms
  • Telephone bills
  • Entertainment and meals for others
  • Cost of meals and lodging if away overnight
  • Travel expenses above per diem allowance
  • Tickets for charity benefits (above actual value)

The following may not be deducted:

  • Value of volunteer time
  • Dependent care expenses
  • Your own meals and entertainment (unless away overnight)

Items for which volunteers receive reimbursement may be deducted only to the extent that the amount to reimbursement is below the actual expenditure.

  • Must be amount actually paid during the taxable year, not just a pledge
  • Must be made to a qualifying organization
  • Must be actual out-of-pocket amount: If banquet ticket is bought, deduction is amount in excess of the value of the meal.
  • Must be recorded: volunteer should know name or organization to which contribution is made; amount and date of each contribution; and method of valuing in-kind contribution.