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Safety Patrol

The Gideon Pond school safety patrol program has five objectives: 

1) Safeguard children as they cross or walk along streets or highways. 
2) Develop in school children a constant awareness of traffic hazards. 
3) Instill proper attitudes about safety so that students will acquire habits of practicing self controlled behavior as they travel to and from school and at other times. 
4) Lead students toward developing a sense of responsibility by taking part in a general program of safety in the school and in the community. 
5) Develop character, leadership, and cooperative citizenship. 

At Gideon Pond we have fifth and sixth graders that serve as patrol members. They cross children at four intersections before and after school and provide help for the kindergarteners as they arrive and depart each day. 

Patrols will not do outside duty when it is lightning or if the temperature or windchill is below -10 degrees. We will use the Weather Line temperature at 7:45 a.m. to determine if the patrols should report. If it is raining at dismissal time, patrols will keep walkers in the school until the traffic clears. 

WEATHER LINE (761) 512- 1111