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Volunteer at Pond


I am Gideon Pond's Site Volunteer Coordinator and am employed on a part time basis. My job involves recruiting, managing, and recognizing volunteers for academic purposes throughout the school year. This includes helping staff and students with needs ranging from tutoring to classroom assistance. The needs for ongoing support will come from parents, community members, businesses and any other resources that become available. 

Log Your Volunteer Hours

Following are some of the areas where volunteers are always needed: 

Cafeteria Companions/Helping Hands: Assist the cafeteria staff during lunchtime. This is great way to get to know your child’s classmates. 

Picture Day: Smiles all around! We ask volunteers to help comb hair, straighten outfits and call classrooms at the appropriate times. 

Media Center Assistants: Volunteers check books into and out of the Media Center. Shelving books is also one of many other tasks. 

Junior Great Books: Discussion leaders for students in grades 4-6. 

We also need volunteers to help during fall and spring state testing to deliver juice and crackers to classrooms or serve as hall monitors to ensure test security. 

If you'd like to join some of the very BEST volunteers around, contact me and we'll get you helping students and teachers at Gideon Pond right away! 

Thank you, 
Kara McGowan