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Snack Programs

Afterschool Snacks
The National School Lunch Program offers cash reimbursement to help schools serve snacks to students in afterschool activities aimed at promoting the health and well being of children and youth in our communities. To participate, schools must provide students with regularly scheduled activities in an organized, structured and supervised environment; include educational or enrichment activities (e.g., mentoring or tutoring programs). Competitive interscholastic sports teams are not an eligible afterschool program. The programs must meet State/local licensing requirements, if available, or State/local health and safety standards. All programs that meet the eligibility requirements can participate in the National School Lunch Program and receive USDA reimbursement for afterschool snacks. Our district provides after school snacks at several, area eligible schools. 

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
Our district participates in the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP) at 3 elementary schools: Sky Oaks, Hidden Valley, and Edward Neill, for school year 2017-18. The FFVP program is a grant funded program that we apply for each year, for specific sites, based on their eligibility to participate. Funds are used to purchase, prepare and serve a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to students, during the school day, 2-3 times per week. The snack is a small sample for students to try and exposes them to foods they may have never experienced before. 

Read more about both snack program at the websites below.  
Afterschool Snack Program 
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program