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Safety Patrols


Our school safety program will:

  • Safeguard children as they cross or walk along streets.
  • Develop in school children an awareness of traffic hazards.
  • Instill proper attitudes toward safety so that students will acquire habits of practicing self-controlled behavior as they travel to and from school and at other times.
  • Lead students toward developing a sense of responsibility for taking part in a general program of safety in the school and community.
  • Develop character, leadership, and cooperative citizenship.

The selection process...

At Marion W. Savage patrol members are chosen at the end of the fourth and fifth grade years. Written approval of a parent or guardian must be secured before the student is selected. Desirable qualities kept in mind when selecting patrol members include leadership, reliability, respect and obedience.
Additional news about our school patrol...

If your child is interested, please watch for upcoming information or contact Mrs. Wurdeman by e-mail at or through the school office at 707-3200.