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As part of Vision One91, District 191 schools will change so that elementary schools serve grades K-5, the three junior highs become middle schools serving grades 6-8, and Burnsville High School becomes a comprehensive high school for all students in grades 9-12. Teams of teachers and administrators have been meeting to plan how District 191 schools can change to meet the goals of Vision One91. 

Elementary Schools
The Vision One91 K-5 Elementary Design Team is focusing our attention on our current practices and how we can effectively make changes to our programming to support learning for all at high levels. Our team is divided into 5 different work groups:

  • Transitions/Climate & Culture;
  • Academic Core & Schedules;
  • Early Childhood Programming;
  • Service Delivery Model; and
  • Communication and Outreach.

These teams have been meeting during the spring. They have identified areas and organized plans to create meaningful, innovative, and effective programs and practices. The future work of these groups will be to involve staff, parents, students, and community in further exploring options for all students in District 191. The K-5 Elementary Team is working closely with the Middle School and High School Vision One91 teams.

Middle Schools
Starting with the 2016-17 school year and as part of Vision One91, we’ll be offering an exciting new magnet concept at all three new middle schools. We're taking the best of the magnet programs we had in all three junior highs, and sharing it in all three new middle schools with grades 6-8. We're also adding quality elements that we've come across in extensive research of best practices to create a unique design we call STEA3M with academic rigor, relevance, opportunity and community!​

Read more about STEA3M Middle Schools

High School
The Vision One High School Design Team is proud to develop a comprehensive 9-12 high school providing our students with multiple areas of study to help best prepare them for their future college and career experiences.

A major portion of that work is the new Pathways model. The Pathways model at Burnsville High School represents a sweeping change in how we encourage students to think about and plan for their high school experiences. A Pathway is basically a series of classes that students can take to help them follow their interests and prepare for the future. By looking at the Pathway that includes a career interest of theirs, students will find classes that make sense for them.

Learn more about Pathways

Download the 2016-17 Course Catalog