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Enrollment Forms

Additional Information

Proof of Age and Name 

This may include a copy of a birth certificate, I-94, passport, hospital record, baptism record, or other official government issued document. The document is used to verify date of birth and also the student’s legal name. Students must be 5-years old on or before September 1 to register for kindergarten. (Early entrance may be requested if the child was born in September or October and meets qualification criteria.) More information about Kindergarten in ISD 191.

Proof of Residency 

This form is found in the Family Packet. The address used at registration should be on one of the following: 

  • Current utility (gas, electric, cable, telephone, or water) bill 
  • Rental or lease agreement 
  • Home purchase offer (closing paperwork) 
  • Home tax bill 

The Enrollment Center will confirm addresses by using SchoolFinder.

Pupil Immunization Records 

This form is found in individual grade level packets. According to Minnesota State Law, a student must have complete up-to-date vaccinations, show they are in progress of completing vaccinations, or provide written proof of exemption to attend school. A record of these vaccinations is required for placement at any grade and for any program. For more information, please visit the district’s health services website

Health Office Emergency Information Form

Found in the individual grade level packets, this form provides us with contact information in the event of illness and/or injury and also with student medical information that allows us to provide for the care that is needed while your child attends school. 

Request for School Records Information (completed during registration process) 

This form is found in the individual grade level packets. Please come to the Enrollment Center ready to provide us with the name, address, telephone number, and fax number of the school your child last attended. The parent/guardian will provide this information and a “Consent to Release Private Data” form will be completed when registering their child in District 191.

Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Application (if applicable) 

This form is in the welcome packet you get at the Enrollment Center and determines if families qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. If a family qualifies for either, children may also have a free breakfast. The district receives additional funding based upon the number of qualifying families. We ask every family to consider completing the application online Free and Reduced School Meals Online Application OR submit the hard copy to District Food Service Office. Completed forms require an original signature. 

Student Child Care Information Form (if applicable) 

This form is available at the Enrollment Center and at every elementary school building. You can also fill out the form online. It allows the school to know if your student will be going to and/or from a child care provider. 

Early Childhood Screening (if applicable) 

All three and four year old children must be screened at least once. Early Childhood Screening or a comparable comprehensive screening is required for kindergarten entrance or within 30 days of enrollment into kindergarten. Documentation from other districts/programs must be provided. If you had the screening in our district, we automatically receive the records. To schedule a screening, call 952-707-4100. 

Special Education (if applicable) 

If a student has special needs, a copy of the IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) and most recent evaluation are needed for placement. 

School Transcript (if grades 9-12) 

If a student transfers into grades 9-12, a transcript from the previous school district will be needed so course selection can be developed with the school counselor. 

Proof of Legal Guardianship (if applicable) 

The Enrollment Center requests the person registering the child provide the school with documents pertaining to custodial rights. Families are encouraged to discuss circumstances with the principal and school staff. The district will ask about legal guardianship if there is shared custody, denial of parent/guardian rights, documents do not state the person registering as parent/guardian, or similar situations. 

Magnet School Application Form

For students who do not live in the Rahn and William Byrne Elementary attendance boundaries and want to attend these schools, please fill out the ISD 191 District Magnet Application along with either an Open Enrollment (if you live outside of District 191) or Variance Form (if you live in District 191 but outside of Byrne or Rahn attendance boundaries). Submit both forms to the Enrollment Center no later than  the last Friday in January.  When received, the applications will be entered into a lottery to be held monthly beginning in March. 

Please see Harriet Bishop Elementary magnet site for its individual magnet processes.

ISD 191 Open Enrollment Form (if applicable) 

Do you live outside the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools boundaries, but want your child to attend our school district? Open enrollment forms are accepted at the Enrollment Center. The applications are then forwarded for district review and consideration per district procedures and policies. Families are notified soon after as to whether the application is approved. Families are responsible for transportation. There is no tuition charge for open enrollment. Open Enrollment Form


ISD 191 Variance Form (if applicable) 

Students may attend a school in an attendance area other than that of the residence if the reason conforms to our district policy. Variances may be considered and approved only when 

  • It is advantageous to the District in balancing class size in the building affected 
  • Childcare services are arranged in an attendance area other than that of residence 
  • Reassignment is necessary in the treatment of the student 

Variance enrollment forms are accepted at the Enrollment Center. The applications are then forwarded for district review and consideration per district procedures and policies. Families are notified soon after as to whether the application is approved. Parents are responsible for transportation. Variance Enrollment Form - Variance Enrollment Form en Español