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Students and Staff can now log in to Schoology through MyISD191, the district's single sign on application. MyISD191 allows students and staff to log in just once in order to access multiple district applications.

Parent Schoology Login

Schoology Mobile App

Schoology also has a convenient mobile app that can be downloaded and used on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads! This app can be found in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

ISD191 Schoology is a secure online program that serves as a central hub for learning. Teachers can create, manage and share information and resources with their students. Students using ISD191 Schoology can get class assignments, link to readings and guides selected by their teacher, collaborate with classmates, and work on self-paced learning activities.

How do parents get on Schoology?

Parent accounts will be created automatically once a ParentVue account is created. After the ParentVue account is created, parents will receive an email notification about setting up their Schoology account. It can take 1-2 days before receiving the email notification for your Schoology account.  

What will I be able to see in my student's ISD191 Schoology account?  Will I be able to participate in my child's class?

You will be able to see your child’s class assignments, assignment submissions and daily grades. You will not be able to participate or observe classroom activities.

How does ISD191 Schoology differ from ParentVUE?

ParentVUE is a central location for information on your child’s attendance, course schedules, records and contact information.

Schoology is a detailed look at your child’s academic schedule for classes, links for homework and assignments, and daily grades for current classes.


  • Check daily attendance
  • View completed grades
  • View discipline and graduation progress
  • Update contact information


  • View class descriptions and expectations
  • See upcoming assignments and announcements
  • Access resources for classes
  • View child’s assignment, test schedules and daily grades for current classes

More Schoology Resources Parent Guide - information on sign-up, adding children associations, account notifications, etc.