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ECSE Services

Who Are the Staff Members?
The following people may be included in a child`s evaluation or individualized education plan (IEP):
*Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
*Speech-Language Pathologist
*Occupational Therapist
*Physical Therapist
*School Psychologist
*School Nurse
*Vision Consultant
*Hearing Consultant
What Kind of Services Are Available?
ECSE services are provided at no charge to families. The nature and frequency of services vary based on the individual educational needs of each child and his/her family. ECSE services may include:
* Assessment 
* Individual and small group instruction in an ECSE classroom, preschool or daycare setting
* Parent-Child Groups
* Home based services
* Consultation with parents, preschool teachers, and/or child care providers
* Collaboration with physicians and other community agencies
How Are Services Provided?
A variety and continuum of special education services are provided to children and families through the ECSE program. These services are designed to meet the individual needs of the children who attend and participate in the ECSE program. The birth – three year old services are primarily provided in the children’s natural setting which is either the home or the childcare setting.
Children ages three – five years of age have a variety of classes and services available to meet their needs which are provided in both the mornings (9:30-12:00) and the afternoons (1:00-3:30), on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday. Services may be provided in ECSE center-based classrooms, community based settings and/or in the home. Based on each child’s individual needs and determined by their IEP team, children may receive ECSE services 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week. 
Center-Based Services 
Some children receive services in an ECSE classroom at Diamondhead Education Center with children who are working on individual goals in various areas of development. The center based class hours are:
Morning Session: 9:30-12:00 PM
Afternoon Session: 1:00-3:30 PM
Community-Based Services
ISD 191’s ECSE program partners with the District’s Community Education Preschool programs and Headstart Program to provide services in inclusive settings with typically developing peers. Children receiving services in these programs receive support from both licensed and non-licensed ECSE staff.
Speech Therapy Services
Speech Therapy may be provided in a variety of ways. Therapy services may be any combination of: a community setting, within a small group, or on an individual basis. These services help in the development of communication skills such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and speech sounds.
Itinerant ECSE Services
Itinerant services are designed for children who may have needs in different areas of development and are already in a preschool or daycare setting that is appropriate for them. An ECSE teacher or speech and language pathologist travel to the community based setting. Direct service to the child as well as consultation to the preschool/daycare staff is provided. The frequency and amount of services provided in these settings is based on the individual needs of each child and determined by the child’s IEP team, including parents.
Home-Based Services
ECSE teachers and therapists may provide services in the child’s home. These services focus on the individual needs of the child and related needs of the entire family. Home visits include direct services to the child as well as time for parent involvement and consultation.
Autism Services
This program provides intensive services to meet the needs of children whose primary disability is most often Autism Spectrum Disorders. The emphasis in these classrooms is on the introduction to the classroom experience, communication, development of play, cognition, motor, imitation, social, independent work, and self-care skills. Staff provide families with information regarding specific research based strategies and methods for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Parent-Child Groups / Parenting Sessions 
Group activities for children and their parents are scheduled throughout the year. During parenting sessions, parents have the opportunity to meet as a group to discuss practical and emotional concerns regarding their child’s disability and participate in informational sessions regarding specific disabilities.
Transition to Kindergarten
In the year before kindergarten, parents will be invited to a transition group where they will have an opportunity to hear about the transition process. This group will also include a parent panel of former ECSE parents with children now in elementary school. There will be a time for question & answer with this panel. In the spring, families will have a transition meeting with staff from the elementary school. These meetings will be held at the elementary school that your child will be attending. Parents can share information and hear about kindergarten school services at that time.
Interagency Services: Help Me Grow 
Help Me Grow is an interagency resource that supports services for children Birth to Five on a state and county level. The membership of Help Me Grow includes: ISD 191, County Social Services, Public Health, Mental Health Providers, parents and ARC. Through interagency teamwork, Help Me Grow provides: parent support, staff education, interagency planning, and childfind materials. For more information: