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Data & Assessment

The District 191 Assessment Plan is designed to ensure accountability. It uses multiple measurements (State and local tests as well as classroom assessments) to assess student achievement. The plan is endorsed annually by District 191 Board of Education. 
Objectives for Testing Program: 
  • Assess student achievement on Minnesota State standards and district outcomes 
  • Evaluate curriculum and instruction 
The information that is obtained from these assessments is used by teachers, administrators, and parents to help them better understand how students are learning important skills in areas including mathematics, reading, and science.
Use of Test Results: 
  • Develop focused instruction and interventions to increase student achievement 
  • Examine data for instructional planning 
  • Design and implement staff professional development programs to meet specific academic areas 
What do these tests measure? 
  • The FAST Reading and Math Assessments measure progress in fundamentals of reading and math.  
  • The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment III (MCA III) evaluates student achievement on State standards in math, reading, and science. 
  • Additional teacher-created classroom assessments, including common benchmark assessments, also serve an important function in measuring progress and achievement but are not included on this web page. 
The Minnesota Department of Education Web site contains additional information about state assessments. 

Elementary Testing Program:

  • FAST Reading and Math Assessment Grades K-5 Fall/Winter/Spring 
  • MCA III – Math Grades 3-5 Spring 
  • MCA III - Reading Grades 3-5 Spring
  • MCA III – Science Grade 5 Spring 

Jr. High Testing Program :

  • FAST Reading and Math Assessments 6-8 Fall/Winter/Spring
  • ASPIRE (ACT) Grade 8 Fall
  • MCA III – Math Grades 6-8 Spring 
  • MCA III - Reading Grades 6-8 Spring
  • MCA III – Science Grade 8 Spring 

High School Testing Program :

  • MCA III – Reading Grade 10 Spring 
  • MCA III – Science Grade 10 Spring 
  • ASPIRE (ACT) Grade 9 Fall 
  • MCA III – Math (GRAD) Grade 11 Spring 
  • ACT - Grade 11 Spring

Contact your child's school for more information.

Opt-Out Information

While our aim is to use standardized testing to provide a basis for continually improving our programming for students, parents and guardians are afforded the right to exempt their child(ren) from standardized testing and we will work to make sure that your request is honored in the best manner possible. Download the letters below for more information..