Students rally to support a great cause, donate blood

Thank you to all the students who donated blood at Burnsville High School's 30th Biannual American Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, May 21. Nearly 140 units of blood were donated, with a total of 258 units for the year. This year's blood drive at BHS has been one of the most successful high school drives in the state!

The students worked together for a great cause, helping to build a safe and reliable blood supply and give patients in the community the gift of life.

Who will be the next Mr. Burnsville?

Mr. Burnsville, a male “pageant” consisting of senior boys, is slated for Friday, May 22. Each boy who competes in the pageant will participate in a Q&A round, presenting an outfit that depicts his personality/activities, a group dance and an individual showcase of his talent. Contestants will be judged on a variety of things by a panel of teacher judges.