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2018 Senior Profile: Olivia Brammer

Who was a favorite teacher or staff member & why?
A favorite teacher of mine at Burnsville High School, is Mrs. Coleman. Her classes teach so much more than just the basics of government/economics. She encourages all of her students to find their voice and use it to be a force for good in the world.

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation I plan on attending Augsburg University and studying Special Education/Political Science. 

2018 Senior Profile: Eyakem Yilma

Who was a favorite teacher or staff member and why?
Miss Hansen is my favorite staff member at BHS. I really enjoyed being in her class and having her as my director because she cares about her students and their well being, while holding an incredible passion that brings out the best version of herself and her students.

What makes you most excited when you think about your future?
What I'm most excited for when I finish high school is the ability to meet new people and make lasting connections with people I've never met before.

2018 Senior Profile: Mirlene Lomanga

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduating, during summer I am planning to start working and then join college in the fall to study a course in the medical field — family practitioner.

How did your high school experience prepare you for your future?
High school experience has taught me to believe in myself, be responsible, work hard, never give up, as well as college and future readiness.

2018 Senior Profile: Ryan Wolfe

ryan wolfeWhat's one memory of high school you'll take with you?
My senior prom was a very fun experience. I would say that everyone should go to their senior prom. 

Who was a favorite teacher or staff member & why?
Mr. Tesmer and Mr. Wolf. They are always there for me when I need help. I can sit, chill, and talk about life all day with the both of them. 

2018 Senior Profile: Justin Amaker

What's one memory of high school you'll take with you?
I once got a flat tire in the parking lot at the high school so I had to change it — with no prior knowledge of vehicles beyond getting in one and driving it. Thankfully, somebody that did have a relatively decent knowledge in cars helped me out in changing the tire. While the memory of actually changing the tire wasn’t super good, the memory of that student that was willing to help me out in changing the tire is a good one that I’ll take with me.

2018 Senior Profile: Lauren Walker

What are your plans after high school?
My plans after high school would be to attend Alabama A&M University in the fall of 2018 and major in Marketing and minor in international business.

What was the most difficult this you faced in high school?
I moved around a lot throughout middle school and high school so loss of identity was a big problem; unstable home life was also a reason why I was diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, which made it very difficult to enjoy my high school experience the way I wanted to.