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2018 Senior Profile: Daniel Akah

What's one memory of high school you'll take with you?
One memory I will take with me beyond high school was being honored with the title of homecoming king. I never had understood what it really meant to actually win such a title, but after being greeted with the love of my peers, mentors, family, etc. at my crowning, it felt almost as if it was their way of them telling me that they appreciate me. Of course, validation isn’t needed to prove their love and appreciation, however it filled my heart to see it manifested in such a way. It felt like the fruits of all the relationships I had built through my entire educational career. 

What are your plans for after graduation?
My plans after high school include attending the University of Minnesota to study on a pre-medical track and minor in vocal performance. I hope to eventually go to medical school at New York University or Northwestern University and become a pediatrician. However, I plan to make music as well and if my life takes off in that direction, I’d love to enjoy a life as a musician/recording artist as well. I believe you must keep your future exciting and pursuing both my dreams will keep me on my toes!

What was the most difficult challenge you faced in high school?
The most difficult challenge I have had to face over my high school career was finding an identity on which to stand on socially. Since I was young, I had been friends with a lot of sub-groups in school. From athletes, thespians, “nerds”, etc. I had people who I identified with and could call my friends from all walks of life. It made it difficult for me to identify myself into one group. However, I learned through my years that I did not need to contain myself into one box. It was okay for me to socialize with whomever I wanted and even link groups together. We all have more in common than we think!

What advice would you give to younger students to make the most of their high school experiences?
My advice to younger students is very simple. Stay true to who you are and do not be apologetic for doing so. You do not have to be the best student, you do not have to be the most outspoken, you do not have to be anything that you are not. Just learn to listen more to people who have different opinions than you, be understanding and lenient, find what you’re good at and work hard at it, and show kindness as much as you can. You will soon reap the benefits.

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To celebrate members of the Class of 2018 and help the One91 Community get to know some of the students at Burnsville High School and Burnsville Alternative High School, we're publishing several "Senior Profiles" as we gear up for commencement ceremonies the week of June 4. Congratulations to all of our seniors! 

Posted: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 09:16