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BHS senior selected to be delegate at party’s state convention

Government teachers at Burnsville High School encourage their students to get involved in what they’re studying. Students research issues, attend precinct caucuses, work on campaigns and serve as election judges.

Zoe Robinson went even further. She not only attended her local precinct caucus, but was also selected to attend her state senate district convention. She was among the youngest delegates and was grateful for a neighbor who helped her understand what was going on.

Then, Zoe stepped up as a candidate for a delegate spot at the state level and had to give a brief speech on short notice. Must have been effective, because she was selected and will serve as a delegate to her political party’s state convention in June. “I found it interesting enough to get more involved,” she said.

“We’re proud of Zoe,” said her government teacher Jenn Graff. “It’s always wonderful when students become this involved.”

Zoe, a 12th grader who lives in Savage, has not been involved in politics before but has felt strongly about three issues in particular: education, women’s rights and the environment. Her passion for those issues led her to supporting a presidential candidate who she now follows on Twitter and Snapchat.

“It’s been a good experience to learn about a whole side of government that I didn’t know existed,” said Zoe, who says she’ll continue to be involved in her political party. That’s just what government teachers like to hear!

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 10:37