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BHS Olympic Weightlifting takes first at the Blaze Open

Senior Andy Grahn lifting, with Coach Sahli looking on.
One hundred forty-five lifters from 15 different schools competed at the Blaze Open at Burnsville High School on Saturday, Feb. 7. Burnsville took first place in the varsity division team competition and Little Falls took second place. Burnsville also placed first in the junior varsity division and Lakeville South finished second. Here are the results of the meet:
In the girls' junior varsity division (16 years old or younger):
  • Erin Bachmeier placed first and Anna Bunce placed second in the 44K weight class.
  • Raezjine Merriweather placed second in the 69+K weight class.
In the girls' varsity division (17 years old or older):
  • Jackie LeVvintre placed first in the 48K weight class.
  • Danielle Killpack placed first in the 58K weight class.
  • Grace Peterson placed first in the 63K weight class.
  • Claire Boatman placed first in the 69K weight class.
  • Katie Kleinow placed first in the 75K weight class.
  • Katie Smith placed third in the 75+K weight class.
In the boys' junior varsity division (16 years or younger):
  • Garrett Shanley placed third in the 56K weight class.
  • Travis Agarano placed first and Ryan Radtke placed third in the 62K weight class.
  • Jared Shearer placed first in the 69K weight class.
  • Jon Stockhowe placed second in the 77K weight class.
  • Matt Odegard placed first in the 85K weight class.
  • Nick Burton placed first and Jake Staats placed second in the 94+K weight class.
In the boys varsity division (17 years or older):
  • Bryce Jorgenson placed first and Luke Simon placed second in the 62K weight class.
  • Alex Garlington placed first in the 69K weight class.
  • Kevin Kucera finished second and Eric Voxland finished third in the 85K weight class.
  • Gerrit Olsen finished first and Jacob Engel finished third in the 94K weight class.
  • Jackson Gilman finished first and Jesse Orak finished second in the 105K weight class.
  • Andy Grahn finished second and Armando Ramirez finished third in the 105+K weight class.
Michael Schiller, Ben Nhan and Aneesa Ally didn't compete in the meet because they will be competing at the National Junior Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Feb. 12-14. The team will try to defend their state championship on March 7 at Lakeville South High School.
Congratulations to the Blaze Weighlifting team, and good luck to those heading to the National Junior Championships.
Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 13:57