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BHS Olympic Weightlifting team takes first at meet; Schiller sets new state record

The Burnsville Olympic Weightlifting team placed first at the Northfield meet on Saturday, Jan. 17. Michael Schiller set a new Minnesota state record (247 total kilograms or 543 pounds) in the varsity 77kg weight class by lifting 107kg (235 pounds) on the snatch and 140kg (308 pounds) on the clean and jerk. Here are the results of the meet:

Junior Varsity (16 years of age or younger) Girls Division

  • Erin Bachmeier placed first and Anna Bunce placed second in the 44kg class.

  • Alexandra Pajunen placed second in the 58kg class.

  • Emma Buchanan placed first and Haley Pajunen placed third in the 63kg class.

  • Raezjine Merriweather placed first and Emily Johnson placed second in the 69+kg class.

Junior Varsity (16 years of age or younger) Boys Division

  • Garrett Shanley finished third in the 56kg class.

  • Travis Agarano finished first and Ryan Radtke finished third in the 62kg class.

  • Jared Shearer finished first in the 69kg class.

  • Matthew Odegard finished first in the 85kg class.

  • Nick Burton finished first, Jake Staats finished second and Dillon Keenan finished third in the 94+kg class.

Varsity (17 years of age or older) Girls Division

  • Jamie Clem finished first in the 53kg class.

  • Danielle Killpack finished third in the 58kg class.

  • Claire Boatman finished first in the 69kg class.

  • Katie Kleinow finished first in the 75kg class.

  • Geneva Brandt finished first, Katrina Smith finished second and Taylor Gilbertson finished third in the 75+kg class.

Varsity (17 years of age or older) Boys Division

  • Abdi Farah finished first in the 56kg class.

  • Luke Simon finished first in the 62 kg class.

  • Alex Garlington finished first and Ben Nhan finished second in the 69kg class.

  • Michael Schiller finished first, Eric Voxland finished second and Andrew Manor finished third in the 77kg class.

  • Kevin Kucera finished second in the 85kg class.

  • Jacob Engle finished first in the 94kg class.

  • Jackson Gilman finished first and Romelo Carter finished third in the 105kg class.

  • Andy Grahn finished first, Benn Olson finished second and Andy Samuel finished third in the 105+kg class.

Congratulations to the Olympic Weightlifting team and their coaches!

Burnsville will host their Olympic weightlifting meet on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 9 a.m. at Burnsville High School (main campus) Gym. The state meet is March 7 at Lakeville South High School.

Posted: Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 07:26