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Featured Videos

Below are a few recent videos from District 191. To see more videos about District 191 schools, staff and students, go to our Vimeo channel.

Burnsville Promise

In partnership, Burnsville Promise invests in youth to prepare them for success in work and community life. Connect partners to avoid duplication of efforts and to determine gaps.

ExploreEDU Event at BHS

On Dec. 1-2, Burnsville High School hosted a Google #ExploreEDU event, which served as a showcase for the school's Vision One91-related changes.

Coding in District 191

Students and teachers from all levels presented information about coding and programming at the Feb. 9 Board of Education meeting. Through learning to code, students are learning to create, problem solve, collaborate and much more. Plus, it's fun!

Culturally Proficient Schools

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 is focused on ensuring all students are future ready. We are committed to creating culturally proficient schools that build on the strengths of our students so they can succeed now and be ready to succeed in the

2017 State of the District

Superintendent Joe Gothard delivers the 2017 State of the District Address at Burnsville High School on Thursday, March 16.

Vision One91 Update

Big changes are underway in District 191 schools as we approach the 2016-17 school year. Here are some of the highlights.

Pathways at BHS

Burnsville High School is helping students get Future Ready with a new approach. Pathways at BHS help students explore their interests, find their passions, and plan for the future.

2016 State of the District

Superintendent Joe Gothard gave the 2016 State of the District Address at Burnsville High School on April 4.

Vision One91 Update: Auto & Construction Trades Lab

Superintendent Joe Gothard and BHS teacher Russ Tesmer take a look at the new auto & construction trades lab, the first new learning space completed at Burnsville High School as part of Vision One91.

Vision One91 Update: Chromebooks in Action

With CIS government teacher Colleen Coleman, Superintendent Joe Gothard discusses how Chromebooks, combined with the district's new online learning management system, are opening new doors for teachers and students.