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Stakeholders & Design Team

Teams and Stakeholder Voice Defined 

Options Teams: These groups will have roles ensuring the district fully engages stakeholders and in developing the recommendations that are presented to the Board of Education, reflecting that engagement.

  • Admin. Team - Principals and district administration

  • Design Team - Principals with “Delegate” stakeholders from each school (Ambassadors Model) 

Stakeholder Voice: These input opportunities will ensure the recommendations reflect the values and priorities of the One91 community.

  • Cluster Focus Groups (1 per Middle School site) - Open events for parents of elementary and middle schools that fall within particular area of the district. One will be held at each middle school. 

  • Other Focus Groups (3)

  • Site/Building with Staff

  • Other community events / input opportunities

Tentative Agenda for Focus Groups

  • Presentation from consultant about current situation and need to close schools

  • Individual feedback form

    • Feedback on need to close sites

    • Feedback on criteria that should be used to make decisions

  • Tabletop discussions (World Cafe)