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What we do

The Technology and Information Systems Department has two primary responsibilities:

  • Student enrollment tracking, including District census information.
  • Planning for and responding to ISD 191's traditional technology needs.

The student enrollment area includes maintaining the database of ISD 191 census information, all student enrollment data, graduation standards test scores, and student scheduling information. Using this mammoth database, the Director compiles current student enrollment statistics, as well as, future enrollment trends. Open enrollment applications and nonresident agreements are also processed by this department.

The technology area focuses on planning for future technology needs, as well as, maintaining all current network and computer systems. This area is also responsible for all individual computers, printers, and a wide variety of technical electronic equipment located in classrooms, labs, media centers and offices throughout the District. Software support and training for staff, plus maintaining phone and voicemail systems within ISD 191 are also responsibilities of the technology area.

Contact Information

Staff members who need help with technology should use SchoolDude to submit their requests, or call the tech help desk at x2088.

For general questions, contact the Technology & Information Systems Department at (952) 707-2088.

Training Resources

Staff Instructionals (link to StaffCentral)

One91 Google Learning Center