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Burnsville Promise


Burnsville Promise is a new and important community collaboration.  Through partnerships among schools, employers, organizations, foundations and the city, Burnsville Promise will use education as the lever to advance and maintain a world-class employment base and a vibrant Burnsville community.  The communities of Burnsville, Eagan, and Savage will be invited to support this commitment to invest in the youth of District 191, their futures and the future of our community.


We know that postsecondary education is increasingly vital to gainful employment. Yet, too many middle and high school students and other youth can’t see a clear connection between their program of study and real opportunities in the labor market. To address this, we need new models for key organizations — local schools, postsecondary institutions, employers, industries and community leaders — to partner and invest in helping all youth prepare for postsecondary education and rewarding career opportunities.  


The District 191 community has made a terrific start by approving the Vision One91 school referendum to redesign the district to meet the needs of today’s learners (read more).  Now, the Burnsville business community, community organizations, citizens, parents, youth, District 191, and Inver Hills Community College are working together to ensure youth have opportunities to explore their options, find their passions, and prepare for career and college. This includes the development of the new “Pathways” model at Burnsville High School, as well as several partnership with local businesses that provide students with unique learning and work experiences.   

Burnsville Promise believes investing in our youth yields a world class employment base and a thriving and vibrant Burnsville-Eagan-Savage community.  Burnsville Promise has developed a five year strategic plan that includes the input and ownership of vital community leaders to better serve the youth of District 191.

More About Burnsville Promise

Vision Statement 
Burnsville is a vibrant community where children, families and businesses thrive. 

Mission Statement
In partnership, Burnsville Promise invests in youth to prepare them for success in work and community life.

Goal One: Serve as a catalyst for community organizations to connect their constituents to Burnsville Promise strategies.

  1. Convene community members and organizations to distinguish shared missions and goals and to identify opportunities to strengthen the social capital which supports their work and the mission of Burnsville Promise.
  2. Identify or develop community assets that support youth in their community or work commitments and academic persistence.  
  3. Create community wide strategies to ensure all youth succeed in their education. 

Goal Two:  Partner with employers from Burnsville and the surrounding region to educate and prepare youth for success.  

  1. Educate and engage business leaders about Burnsville Promise, its career pathways approach and the benefits of participation in Burnsville Promise.
  2. Convene business leaders to identify high priority career pathways, opportunities for career exploration, and technical and soft skills needed for success.
  3. For each pathway, recruit industry related business leaders to participate in a pathway design process.

Goal Three:  Forge pathways to ensure youth are prepared to obtain the postsecondary training or credential that will allow them to embark on a meaningful career. 

  1. Leverage initiatives that have used school, business and community partnerships and develop engagement strategies that incorporate best practices. 
  2. Convene work groups for each pathway comprised of industry related employers and professionals, birth – 12 and postsecondary educators, and related community organizations to design each pathway.
  3. Initiate and develop three to five priority career pathways that hold the greatest promise for future careers. 
  4. Develop and implement a data driven and meaningful evaluation process.

Goal Four: Develop the infrastructure to support and sustain Burnsville Promise.   

  1. Create a governance structure that includes the key constituents of employers, birth - 12 and postsecondary education systems, community and government organizations, parents and youth.
  2. Assess human resource needs and acquire paid and in kind staffing to ensure success. 
  3. Identify and leverage the assets and resources of key partners in support of Burnsville Promise. 
  4. Develop a funding plan and secure the financial support.
  5. Create a branding strategy and carry out the communications and marketing efforts to deliver on that brand.