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School Board Committees

The District 191 Board of Education maintains several committees to receive and discuss information prior to full board meetings.

Student Performance and Achievement Committee
The purpose of the committee is:

  1. To review and report evidence of student performance over time in order to measure learning.
  2. To analyze learning and student engagement metrics to highlight critical areas in need of improvement as well as to promote better alignment of district resources to critical student outcomes.
  3. To collaborate with the Assistant Superintendent, the Teaching and Learning Team, and others - as required - to ensure that curriculum, instruction, professional development and assessments support desired student outcomes.
  4. To evaluate processes, policies and long-range planning needs vs. desired student outcomes and deliver recommendations - in support of the Strategic Roadmap - to the Superintendent and School Board for action.
  5. To establish and communicate high expectations for student support beyond our classrooms to parents, staff and the greater community – with the goal of driving deeper student engagement and academic achievement.

Board Representatives: Dan Luth (chair), Abigail Alt and Eric Miller

Negotiating Committee 
Represents the board in the employer/employee bargaining process.
Board Representatives: Dan Luth (chair), Darcy Schatz, and DeeDee Currier

Policy Review Committee 
Review existing Board Policy Manual and recommend revisions and updates as appropriate and required.
Board Representatives: Abigail Alt (chair), Bob VandenBoom, and Darcy Schatz

Technology Committee
The Technology Committee’s purpose is to: 

  1. Review the existing district technology plan to identify and prioritize major work and timelines.
  2. Draft recommendations to address selected policies related to technology funding, integration, access, support, and professional development.
  3. Draft an annual revised district technology plan and budget defining our future vision for technology integration and usage for Board approval.

Board Representatives: Bob VandenBoom (chair), Eric Miller, and DeeDee Currier

​Other Board Assignments
In addition, Board of Education members serve on committees and boards of local organizations in order to better connect District 191 to our community.

These groups include: Minnesota State High School League, Foundation 191, Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD), Burnsville Chamber of Commerce, Savage Chamber of Commerce, Dakota County Chamber of Commerce, Scott County SCALE, Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA),  Sourcewell, Burnsville High School Hall of Fame, U of M CIS Program, and District 917.