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Negotiations Overview

Representatives of District 191 and leaders of the Burnsville Education Association (BEA) teachers’ union have been working to reach agreement on a new contract. The district wishes to provide current information so community members can be informed about the process. For answers to more questions, visit the Negotiations Q & A.

Tentative Agreements

Through the process, the district and union leaders have come to agreements on many parts of the contract, including salaries. These parts of the contract are called "tentative agreements" because they have been negotiated in good faith and both parties have agreed to the language, but they would only be approved as part of the entire contract. You can read about Tentative Agreements below.

Only one issue remains: 

The district and union leaders have not reached agreement on the following issue:

Unrequested Leaves of Absence (ULA):
Until now, state law required school districts to consider only seniority when deciding which teachers to lay off when facing budget cuts and declining enrollment. In other words, the most recently hired teacher would be the first to be laid off. This is sometimes known as "Last In, First Out." That law recently changed and now school districts and teachers' unions must negotiate how these unrequested leaves of absence (layoffs) are handled. The district's goal is to retain our best teachers in times of lay offs. 

Read the District's Proposal on ULA

Read the Union Proposal on ULA



Tentative Agreements List & Details

A tentative agreement has been reached that increases the salary schedule by 1.5% in the first year of the contract and 2.5% in the second year. This is in addition to the salary increases that teachers receive for "steps and lanes," which honor experience and education. 

This will equal a total compensation increase of $6 million over two years, and a salary and benefit increase of close to 8.5% over two years.

Salary Tentative Agreement Details

Additional Tentative Agreements

  • Update all dates to reflect the 2017-19 term of the contract

Article IV - Teacher Rights

Article V - Compensation

Article IV - Extra Compensation

Article VII - Group Insurance

Article VIII - Leaves of Absence

Article IX - Hours of Service

Memorandum of Understanding: Workshop Week Teacher Prep Time

Article XII - Retirement

Article XIV - Involuntary Transfers/Transfer Requests

Article XVII - Duration

Appendix A

Memorandum of Understanding: State Funding & ABE/ECFE 

Memorandum of Understanding: Specific Stipends

Appendix D-1